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Product Name: Weight Gainer
Price: 103₺
Content: Goat horn, coconut, rice flour, grape seed, moth, cinnamon, mahlep, cacao, banana, vanilla, powdered sugar, ginseng.
Tags: Herbal Weight Gainer
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1 hour after morning and evening meals
1) 3 tablespoons of yogurt is mixed with 1 scale
2) Drink 1 large glass of milk with 1 scale

According to the researches, the most healthy and effective method to gain weight gaining weight of the body to trigger the calorie need and nutrients to increase appetite or nutritional supplements will show a proportional increase in your need for hunger. When high protein-containing foods as well as foods containing high carbohydrates are taken together, the weight gain will not be as fat but as muscle. Taking weight as muscle will increase your stamina and prevent you from appearing cumbersome. HIMAX content is completely herbal with the presence of cortisone and other brands that cause temporary bloating between healthy and permanent weight gain from 5 to 75 years of age is a formula that everyone can easily use.

Goat Horn, Coconut, Rice Flour, Grape Seed, Mint, Cinnamon, Mahlep, Cocoa, Banana, Vanilla, Powdered Sugar, Ginseng.

Children under 5 years of age and people who are allergic to plants are not eligible.